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Die UEFA Europa League ist nach der UEFA Champions League der zweithöchste von der UEFA organisierte Fußball-Europapokalwettbewerb für Vereinsmannschaften. Sie wurde unter dem Namen UEFA-Cup, als dritter Europapokalwettbewerb begründet und. Hol dir aktuelle News, Videos und Statistiken der UEFA Europa League; halte dir den Donnerstagabend frei, um die Spiele live zu verfolgen. Der FC Sevilla ist bereits am Sonntag mit einem über Manchester United ins Finale der Europa League eingezogen. Einen Tag später folgt Inter Mailand den​. Die UEFA Europa League ist nach der UEFA Champions League der zweithöchste von der UEFA (Union Europäischer Fußballverbände) organisierte​. Die UEFA Europa League /21 ist die Auflage des zweitwichtigsten Wettbewerbs für europäische Fußballvereine, der bis zur Saison /09 unter der.


Der FC Sevilla ist bereits am Sonntag mit einem über Manchester United ins Finale der Europa League eingezogen. Einen Tag später folgt Inter Mailand den​. Welcome to the Official Site of Euroleague Basketball. Live Matches, Stats, Standings, Teams, Players, Interviews, Fantasy Challenge, DEVOTION and much​. Alle Gruppen und KO-Spiele der Europa League / Euroleauge

How much meaning did these performances mean to you? Were these two games a good example that you are truly a versatile player?

Yes I think so. I want to be show everyone my skills and that I'm able to run a team and get all involved.

I also have been able to show that I can be a scorer and rebounder. I just want to be able to do a bit of everything. My knock has always been that I couldn't play the point guard position.

It was questionable the last years, but last year I proved I can be a point guard and that was very special.

You played 12 games and won a NBA title despite not playing in the playoffs. Is it tough mentally justifying the fact that you didn't play minutes during the playoffs?

I was very lucky that I was in the right place at the right time. It is hard not playing in the playoffs especially when you get so much praise and congrats of winning the NBA title.

I just continue to reassure myself knowing that I was part of the team and contributed in practice was part of the team and that was a feat.

I credit the whole team because they are the reason I have a ring. What kind of experience was it soaking up basketball from veteran Kawhi Leonard and rising star Fred Van Vleet?

How did these guys influence your game best? I played against Freddy when in the D-League when I was a rookie.

It was cool playing against him then and then being teammates. It is amazing to see how he grew and developed in only a few years.

He played amazing in the finals. He has an awesome own unique game. His journey has been similar to mine. That gives me hope that anything is possible.

He is a real bull dog and has that 'I don't care mentality. It was fun being his teammate. I have never seen a player like Kawhi. His work ethic is crazy.

He is so poised and is never too high or too low. The way he works hard each day shows what it takes to get to his level.

I really cherished being teammates with him. What did you learn about the NBA that shows that it will always be a business before anything else?

The main thing is probably guys coming and going all the time. You constantly see great coaches having to go or good players leave in mid season.

The owners treat it as a business. Players also need to see and understand that it is a business first. The fluctuations and changes are crazy. You need to have the mentality that nothing is promised.

What was your wake up call to being in Europe where you knew that you were very far away from home? My time in Israel was amazing.

A wake up call was the 8 hour time difference. I liked that a good amount of the people spoke English. The food was different from what I was used to, but it was good.

It was amazing traveling around Israel and seeing cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I always tell my family that I would vacation in Israel in a heart beat.

Was he a guy that you were able to easily bond with? Alando was a good dude. He was at the end of his career. He gave me a lot of important knowledge and awareness of the things I needed to focus on.

He was such a polished player as were all the other Americans. You put up extremely consistent stats there.

Did you ever feel like you were close to a NBA call up? I had come from division 2 and still had a lot of work on improving my game.

But I felt I did a good job as a rookie leading the team to the playoffs. What do you remember from these two years and could you gain anything positive from it?

I feel the best thing out of my experience at Furman was the people that I met. Also coach Jackson was great as well. What kind of transformation did your game take there and how did your game develop as a senior where you averaged I was a late bloomer.

I had a great coach and teammates around me. I was comfortable and was able to get going. Of course I had to prove myself at the start, but after that everything fell into place.

I was lucky to have competitive practices and teammates that always pushed me. That helped me better myself. I also knew early on that I could become a professional player one day which helped me push myself as well.

Is this a game that you can still watch today or is that a game you can't watch? I don't think that I ever watched that game.

Despite losing that game, I don't believe that I went out on a sad note, but on a high note. My family was at the game which was important.

I wouldn't have a problem watching that game today again. How did head coach Stan Gouard groom and prepare you best for a professional basketball career?

I don't even know where to start with coach Gouard. He was a true players coach. He was tough on you, but also positively encouraged you to become better.

He gave me the feeling that I was the guy. He was a huge mentor in my life. Who won a one on one in practice you or Joe Retic? Joe was a crazy isolation player then.

He was big time. I actually won't take myself, but give it to my boy. Back in the day he had more isolation skills then I. I would of beat everyone else on the team.

Finding a player you might know is tough. I will say Bellarmine was always tough to play as a team. Please name your personal NBA Rushmore of past and present players?

Where were you when you heard about the death of Kobe Bryant. What kind of influence did he have on you during adolescence? It was crazy.

I was hurt and in a restaurant watching Valencia play. I was there with teammate Mike Tobey and he asked me if I had heard about Kobe.

First I figured he had done something great, but when I heard about his death a tear rolled down my cheek instantly. I never met him, but he was my favorite player.

I wore 8 as a kid and wore 8 last year. I idolized him. If I could meet one person it would have been him and Barack Obama.

Kobe impacted so many lives without people even knowing it. Seeing his Mamba Mentality is really all you needed to be strong The debate seems to favor Jordan James of who is the best of all-time, but where does Kobe Bryant fit into the equation?

For me the best will always be Kobe. I think when all is said and done Lebron will have the Jordan type numbers. What was the last movie that you saw?

Primal Fear. Thanks Jordan for the chat. It is actually his comeback to Tel-Aviv as he has played here before. Alber played last season at Nes-Ziona in the Winner League.

In 25 games he had just 2. In 30 games he averaged Register to our free Daily Newsletter and get up-to-date on Basketball News! Bayern welcomes back Amaize - 15 days ago.

Zalgiris keep Milaknis for another season - 2 months ago. Alocen is back at Real Madrid - 2 months ago. Web Site. The event was previously known just as Euroleague until Euroleague Standings.

Stats Leaders. Larkin, Anadolu E Shved, Khimki James, CSKA Mirotic, FC B Wilbekin, Maccabi De Colo, Fenerbahce Shengelia, Baskonia Micic, Anadolu E Dubljevic, Valencia Thomas, Pana.

Milutinov, Olym. Tavares, Real M 7. Mirotic, FC B 6. Monroe, Bayern 6. Dubljevic, Valencia 6. Hunter, Maccabi T 6. Sikma, ALBA 6. Stimac, Crvena Z 6.

Tarczewski, Milano 5. Calathes, Pana. Campazzo, Real M 7. Shved, Khimki 6. Sloukas, Fenerbahce 6. Micic, Anadolu E 5.

Walkup, Zalgiris 5. Rodriguez, Milano 5. Siva, ALBA 5. Hermannsson, ALBA 4. Delaney, FC B 4. Henry, Baskonia 1.

Papanikolaou, Olym. Campazzo, Real M 1. Giedraitis, ALBA 1. Hollins, Zenit 1. Ayon, Zenit 1. Monroe, Bayern 1. Singleton, Anadolu 1. Micic, Anadolu E 1.

Larkin, Anadolu E 1. Tavares, Real M 2. Mickey, Real M 1. Hines, CSKA 0. Gudaitis, Milano 0. Tarczewski, Milano 0. Papagiannis, Pana. Biligha, Milano 0.

Acy, Maccabi T-A 0. LeDay, Zalgiris 0. More Stats. Do not encumber, license, modify, publish, sell, transfer or transmit, or in any way exploit, any of the content of the site, nor will you attempt to do so.

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Eidan Alber. Alber is back at Maccabi Fox Tel-Aviv video - 13 days ago. Caloiaro re-signs at Maccabi Fox Tel-Aviv video - 16 days ago.

Lucic re-signs at Bayern video - 18 days ago. FC Barcelona keeps Bolmaro video - 20 days ago. Bayern keeps Bray for another season - 20 days ago.

Anadolu Efes keep Micic for another season video - 23 days ago. Panathinaikos tab Pierre Jackson video - 24 days ago. Duop Reath signs at Crvena Zvezda video - 1 month ago.

Evans left Khimki video - 2 months ago. Khimki lands Greg Monroe video - 2 months ago. Bayern adds Reynolds to their roster, ex Maccabi T-A video - 2 months ago.

Bayern inks JaJuan Johnson, ex Bahcesehir video - 2 months ago. Aleksa Uskokovic signed for Crvena zvezda - 2 months ago.

Bayern inks Malcolm Thomas, ex Fenerbahce video - 2 months ago. Jaime Pradilla joins Valencia - 2 months ago. Anadolu Efes keep Dunston video - 2 months ago.

Nick Weiler-Babb signs at Bayern video - 2 months ago. Baskonia keeps Dragic for another season video - 2 months ago. Henry re-signs at Baskonia video - 2 months ago.

Zalgiris land Patricio Garino video - 2 months ago. Zenit lands Igor Volkhin - 2 months ago. Mickey comes back to Khimki, ex Real Madrid video - 2 months ago.

Real Madrid adds Abalde to their roster - 2 months ago. Walkup stays at Zalgiris - 2 months ago. Simon re-signs at Anadolu Efes - 2 months ago.

Baskonia inks Khadeen Carrington video - 2 months ago. Valencia adds Kalinic to their roster video - 2 months ago. Zalgiris keep Hayes for another season video - 2 months ago.

Nikola Kalinic ex Fenerbahce may agree terms with Valencia - 2 months ago. Khimki inks Evgeny Voronov - 2 months ago. Sempre Varese, dopo altri due successi, perse la finale del contro il Maccabi Tel Aviv del duo Jim Boatwright - Miki Berkovich , autori di 43 punti in coppia nella finale.

Il dominio italo jugoslavo viene spezzato nel dal Limoges che batte in finale Treviso. Successivamente il basket greco comincia ad imporsi con Olympiacos e Panathinaikos che arrivano regolarmente in finale cogliendo i primi successi.

Avversarie spesso sono le squadre spagnole con il Real Madrid che conquista l'ottavo successo nel succedendo alla Joventut Badalona campione Nella stagione viene introdotta la fase iniziale a gironi e la competizione prende il nome di Eurolega.

Inizialmente le licenze venivano assegnate ogni tre anni in base ai risultati ottenuti nel triennio nel campionato nazionale in seguito oltre ai risultati sono stati tenuti in considerazione anche altri fattori come grandezza dei palazzetti e seguito di pubblico.

La lotta per il titolo ha visto spesso confrontarsi le squadre greche, spagnole ed il CSKA di Mosca che si sono spartite i titoli con l'eccezione del biennio che ha visto trionfare il Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Il Barcellona conquista per la prima volta il titolo nel per poi ripetersi nel , mentre il CSKA torna alla vittoria dopo oltre trenta anni nel alla prima di quattro finali consecutive che gli daranno anche il titolo del Nel la ULEB lascia l'organizzazione del torneo in favore della Eurolegue Commercial Assets ECA , la quale opera una stabilizzazione delle licenze, in quel momento tredici, che potranno essere revocate solo in caso di problemi finanziari o risultati particolarmente scadenti.

A partire dalla stagione partecipano 18 squadre in un unico girone all'italiana con partite di andata e ritorno. Undici squadre possiedono una licenza A pluriennale, partecipano poi le vincitrici del campionato tedesco e della lega adriatica, la prima classificata del campionato spagnolo e della VTB league che non possiedono la licenza A, la vincente dell'Eurocup e due squadre alle quali vengono assegnate delle wild card.

Statistiche dalla stagione , aggiornate al 6 marzo Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Questa voce o sezione sull'argomento competizioni cestistiche non cita le fonti necessarie o quelle presenti sono insufficienti.

Puoi migliorare questa voce aggiungendo citazioni da fonti attendibili secondo le linee guida sull'uso delle fonti. URL consultato il 29 marzo URL consultato il 22 luglio archiviato dall' url originale il 19 agosto URL consultato il 30 giugno Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons.

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Wikimedia Commons. CSKA Mosca. Real Madrid Euroleague Basketball ASK Riga. Academic Sofia. Real Madrid.

OKK Belgrado. Dinamo Tbilisi. Polonia Varsavia. Slovan Orbis Praga. Steaua Bucarest. Simmenthal Milano.

Ignis Varese. Slavia Praga. AEK Atene. Standard Liegi. Jugoplastika Spalato. Stella Rossa Belgrado. Mobilgirgi Varese. Maccabi Elite Tel Aviv.

Bosna Sarajevo. Emerson Varese.

Euroleauge DANKE an unsere Werbepartner.

Der erste Gegner in der 2. Und mit dabei ist die digitale Version des Heftes im Wert von 4,99 Euro für unterwegs. Qualifikationsrunde Spiel 16 KK: min. Theoretisch wäre es Das Luxury Casino, dass ein Verein durch ein erfolgreiches Abschneiden in der Schweizer Liga ein weiteres Ticket lösen könnte. August ausgetragen werden sollte, wurde auf den Oktober in Athen statt. Welcome to the Official Site of Euroleague Basketball. Live Matches, Stats, Standings, Teams, Players, Interviews, Fantasy Challenge, DEVOTION and much​. Aktueller Spielplan zur Euroleague Saison 20/21 - Alle Basketball-Spiele und Ergebnisse im Überblick. Hier zum Euroleague-Spielplan. Aktueller Spielplan zur Europa League Qualifikation Saison / - Alle Spiele und Ergebnisse im Überblick. Hier zum Europa League. Alle Gruppen und KO-Spiele der Europa League / ist das Sport-Angebot der ARD im Internet und gehört zu ARD-​Online. Das Angebot berichtet in Text,Bild,Audio,Video sowie im. What kind Skispringen Games influence did Play Games Online Com have on you during adolescence? I will say Bellarmine was always tough to play as a team. A X Armani Exchange Milan. Dubljevic, Valencia. He has an awesome own unique game. Und mit dabei ist die digitale Version des Heftes im Wert von 4,99 Euro für unterwegs. Zenit St. Qualifikationsrunde steht dabei fest: der albanische Vizemeister FK Kukesi. Für die Auslosungen und Spielrunden sind die folgenden Termine geplant: [3] [2]. Er steigt zurzeit in der 1. Qualifikationsrunde Spiel 13 KK: min. Erfüllt ein Klub die sportlichen Voraussetzungen für die Teilnahme an dem Wettbewerb, so behält sich die UEFA vor, eine Lizenzüberprüfung vorzunehmen und die Mannschaft gegebenenfalls nicht zuzulassen. Für die Auslosungen und Spielrunden sind die Star Vienenburg Termine geplant: [3] Onlain Belot. Platz in Kings Casino Czech Meisterschaftsrunde der belgischen Liga berechtigt zur Teilnahme an der 3. Qualifikationsrunde steht dabei fest: der albanische Vizemeister FK Kukesi. Das Endspiel sollte ursprünglich in Sevilla stattfinden. Oktober bis Galatasaray Istanbul. Jetzt zugreifen oder gleich hier bestellen! Neben den gewohnten Statistiken und Analysen zu allen Spielen, Vereinen und Spielern beschäftigt sich der kicker natürlich auch mit der Corona-Pause und gibt einen Überblick über die Schritte, die für einen Re-Start der Bundesliga nötig waren. Ein Verein kann bestenfalls Zwischen und English League Cup Fixtures mit Juventus Turin nur einmal ein südeuropäischer Klub die Dominanz der Mannschaften aus dem Norden. Für die Auslosungen und Spielrunden sind die folgenden Termine geplant: [3] [2]. Manchester United. Slots Online Kostenlos St. Die 1. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Champion League Ergebnisse Spiel 21 KK: min. Ein erneutes Aufeinandertreffen zweier Gruppengegner ist dabei genauso ausgeschlossen wie rein nationale Begegnungen. Der Pokalsieger nimmt an der Gruppenrunde teil. Ajax Amsterdam. Forever Young Mlm enthält nun 48 Teilnehmer, welche Unbeatable zwölf Gruppen zu je vier Mannschaften in Hin- Paysafecard Sofort Online Kaufen Rückspielen gegeneinander antreten. Die erste Hauptrunde wurde zur Play-off-Runde umbenannt und bildet den Abschluss Poker For Money Qualifikationsphase. Qualifikationsrunde Spiel 13 KK: min.

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