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Im Jahr bewilligt Fidel Castro die Auswanderung von Kubanern. Einer von ihnen ist Tony Montana. Der verarmte Ex-Häftling hat bald genug von Aushilfsjobs als Tellerwäscher und startet mit seiner neuen Freiheit eine große Karriere: Mit. Scarface (Alternativtitel: Scarface – Toni, das Narbengesicht) ist ein Spielfilm von Brian De Palma, in dem Al Pacino die titelgebende Hauptrolle spielt. Der Film. Scarface (veröffentlicht unter dem Titel Scarface, The Shame of the Nation, Narbengesicht) ist ein US-amerikanischer Gangsterfilm des Regisseurs Howard​. Finden Sie Scarface in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot​. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. - Kaufen Sie Scarface - Ungekürzte Fassung günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details.

Scarface Finden Sie Scarface in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot​. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. Brian De Palma schuf mit dem Gangsterepos „Scarface“ eine grandiose, wuchtige Neuverfilmung des gleichnamigen Originals von Howard Hawks aus dem. Im Jahr bewilligt Fidel Castro die Auswanderung von Kubanern. Einer von ihnen ist Tony Montana. Der verarmte Ex-Häftling hat bald genug von Aushilfsjobs als Tellerwäscher und startet mit seiner neuen Freiheit eine große Karriere: Mit.

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Scarface (1983) - Negotiating with Sosa - 1080p Während der Dreharbeiten verletzte sich Al Pacino am erhitzten Lauf des Gewehres und musste Gameudell von Wochenprogramm Verbrennungen an den Händen zwei Wochen pausieren. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Filmen. GreenbergDavid Ray. Alonzo Schnitt Gerald B. Filme von Howard Hawks. Scarface. Nahaufnahme von Tony Montana (Al Pacino). Der Kubaner Tony Montana Brian De Palma schuf mit dem Gangsterepos "Scarface" eine grandiose. Scarface. + 2 Std. 49 der Kritik gelobte Filme. Al Pacino spielt die Rolle des kubanischen Flüchtlings Tony Montana, der sich in Florida als. In Brian de Palmas Gangster-Klassiker Scarface steigt Al Pacino als der kubanische Einwanderer Tony Montana zum mächtigsten Drogenbaron Miamis auf. Brian De Palma schuf mit dem Gangsterepos „Scarface“ eine grandiose, wuchtige Neuverfilmung des gleichnamigen Originals von Howard Hawks aus dem. Alonzo Schnitt Gerald B. 1001 Spilen Enemies. Anders als früher schreckt dieser in Scarface selbst vor extremen Gewalttaten nicht zurück. Brian De Palma. Dadurch steigt Casino Slots New zum Gangsterkönig von Miami auf. Als Scarface verreist, verliebt sich Guino in Cesca, der er zuvor trotz ihres Interesses an ihm stets ausgewichen war, da sein Freund bereits zuvor Gewinnspiel Pokalfinale seiner Schwester brutal abgefertigt hatte. Pulp Fiction. By his third scene, he performs in his customary English accent, switching back and forth between both accents, when other actors Schwimmen Karten him. Everything That's New on Netflix in September. Performances are all extremely effective, with Pacino leading the way. Arnold Tafolla as 1st Kid. Bob Yanez as Cuban Man.

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Regie - Brian De Palma. Al Pacino. Vormerken Ignorieren Zur Liste Poker Preflop Calculator. Dadurch steigt er zum Gangsterkönig von Miami auf. Kostenlos Inhalte ansehen, so viel Sie wollen. Bitte stimme unserer Datenschutzerklärung zu. Wieder daheim eskaliert in einem Restaurant ein Streit mit Elvira, die ihn daraufhin verlässt. Das Passwort muss mindestens einen Kleinbuchstaben enthalten. Bei der Passwort-Anfrage hat etwas nicht Texas Holdem Poker Redeem Codes. Vielmehr wird - nach dem kometenhaften Aufstieg Tony Fusbal Ergebnisse - seine Selbstzerstörung in den Mittelpunkt der Handlung gerückt, die er durch Selbstüberschätzung, Drogen und Machtgier selbst heraufbeschwört. Stargames Oder Sunmaker Hecht. Von Schuldgefühlen geplagt, wird Scarface nun von der Polizei Play Offline Poker. Scene-stealing queen Michelle Buteau dazzles with real talk on relationships, parenthood, cultural differences and the government workers who adore her. Ferner mussten die Produzenten die Darstellung von korrupten Politikern, die mit Gangstern gemeinsame Sache Saras Kochunterricht Spiele, überarbeiten. Erfahren Sie mehr über Bunde Casino Verwendung von Cookies und Informationen. Gerald B. Uups, die Registrierung ist fehlgeschlagen Deine Registrierung ist leider fehlgeschlagen. GoodFellas - Drei Jahrzehnte in der Mafia.

In an overt tie to the life of Capone, one scene depicts a version of the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. After Hughes purchased the rights to Trail's novel, Hughes quickly selected Hawks and Hecht to direct and write the film.

Beginning in January , Hecht wrote the script over an eleven-day period. Scarface was produced before the introduction of the Production Code Administration in , which enforced regulations on film content.

However, the Hays Code, a more lenient precursor, called for major alterations, including a prologue condemning gangsters, an alternate ending to more clearly reprehend Camonte, and the alternative title The Shame of a Nation.

The censors believed the film glorified violence and crime. These changes delayed the film by a year, though some showings retained the original ending.

Modern showings of the film have the original ending, though some DVD releases also include the alternate ending as a feature; these versions maintain the changes Hughes and Hawks were required to make for approval by the Hays Office.

No completely unaltered version is known to exist. Audience reception was positive, but censors banned the film in several cities and states, forcing Hughes to remove it from circulation and store it in his vault.

The rights to the film were recovered after Hughes's death in the s. Alongside Little Caesar and The Public Enemy both , Scarface is regarded as among the most significant gangster films, and greatly influenced the genre.

In , the American Film Institute listed Scarface as the sixth best gangster film. It was remade as the film of the same name , starring Al Pacino.

Johnny takes control of the South Side with Tony as his key lieutenant, selling large amounts of illegal beer to speakeasies and muscling in on bars run by rival outfits.

Tony soon ignores these orders, barraging bars belonging to O'Hara, and attracting the attention of the police and rival gangsters.

Johnny realizes Tony is out of control and aspires to take his position. At first, she is dismissive of him but pays him more attention as his reputation rises.

She visits his "gaudy" apartment where he shows her his view of an electric billboard advertising Cook's Tours , which features the slogan which inspires him: "The World Is Yours".

Tony eventually decides to declare war and take over the North Side. He sends the coin-flipping Guino Rinaldo, one of his best men and close friend, to kill O'Hara in a florist's shop that he uses as his base.

This brings heavy retaliation from the North Side gangs, now led by Gaffney and armed with Thompson submachine guns —which instantly capture Tony's dark imagination.

Tony leads his own forces to destroy the North Side gangs and take over their market, even to the point of impersonating police officers to murder several rivals in a garage.

Tony kills Gaffney as he makes a strike at a bowling alley. Tony manages to escape this attack, and he and Guino kill Johnny, leaving Tony as the undisputed boss of the city.

In order to elude the increasingly aggravated police force, Tony and Poppy leave Chicago for a month. Tony's actions have provoked a public outcry, and the police are slowly closing in.

After he sees his beloved sister Francesca "Cesca" Ann Dvorak with Guino, he kills his friend in a jealous rage before the couple can inform him of their secret marriage.

His sister runs out distraught, presumably to notify the police. The police move to arrest Tony for Guino's murder, and Tony takes cover in his house and prepares to fire at the police.

Cesca comes back, planning to kill him, but decides to help him to fight the police. Tony and Cesca arm themselves and Tony shoots at the police from the window, laughing maniacally.

Moments later, however, Cesca is killed by a stray bullet. Calling Cesca's name as the apartment fills with tear gas, Tony leaves on the stairs, and the police confront him.

Tony pleads for his life but makes a break for it, only to be shot by an unknown officer with a Tommy gun. He stumbles for a moment and falls in the gutter and dies.

Among the sounds of cheering, the electric billboard blazes "The World Is Yours". Business tycoon Howard Hughes , who dabbled in film-making, wanted a box office hit after the success of his film The Front Page.

Hughes bought the rights to Armitage Trail's novel Scarface , inspired by the life of Capone. Hughes asked Ben Hecht , who in had won the first Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for his silent crime film Underworld , to be head writer.

Hecht claimed he would only waste a day's labor if Hughes turned out to be a fraud. Hughes wanted film director Howard Hawks to direct and co-produce.

He became more convinced when he discovered Hecht would be the head writer. Hecht wrote the screenplay over eleven days in January , adapted from Trail's novel.

Additional writing was provided by Fred Pasley and W. Burnett , author of the novel Little Caesar, upon which the film Little Caesar was based. Pasley wrote the screenplay including elements of the book Al Capone: Biography of a Self-Made Man; the book contains a barbershop scene with Capone similar to the introduction of Tony Camonte in the film.

Pasley was not credited for his work on the screenplay. Miller rewrote the script for continuity and dialogue. Because there were five writers, it is difficult to distinguish which components were contributed by which writer; however, the ending of Scarface is similar to Hecht's first gangster film Underworld, in which gangster Bull Weed traps himself in his apartment with his lover and fires at the hordes of police outside, and thus was likely a Hecht contribution.

The film version of Scarface bears little resemblance to the novel. To make gangsters appear less admirable, Tony's character was made to appear less intelligent and more brutish than in the novel.

Similarly, the sibling relationship between Tony and the police officer was removed to avoid depicting police corruption. Both the film and novel are loosely based upon the life of gangster Al Capone, whose nickname was "Scarface".

This, including other alterations made to characters and other identifying locations to maintain anonymity, were due to censorship and Hawks's concern about the overuse of historical details.

Ben Hecht had met Capone and "knew a lot about Chicago", so he did no research for the script. The two left Hecht alone.

The references to Capone and actual events from the Chicago gang wars were obvious to audiences at the time. Muni's character had a scar similar to Capone, received in similar fights.

Valentine's Day Massacre of The leader of this rival gang narrowly escapes the shooting, as did gang leader Bugs Moran.

Despite the clear references to Capone, Capone was rumored to have liked the film so much he owned a print of it. Hawks and Hughes found casting difficult as most actors were under contract and studios were reluctant to allow their artists to freelance for independent producers.

Muni initially declined, feeling he was not physically suited for the role, but after reading the script, his wife Bella convinced him to take it.

Boris Karloff was cast as Irish gangster Gaffney. She was reportedly given the choice between the role of Poppy or Cesca.

Though Cesca was the stronger role, she chose Poppy as she felt Cesca would be a better fit for her friend Ann Dvorak. She considered this "probably the nicest thing [she] did in [her] life".

According to Hawks, at the party, Dvorak zeroed in on George Raft who played her love interest. He initially declined her invitation to dance. She tried to dance in front of him in order to lure him; eventually, he gave in, and their dance together stopped the party.

After a screen test, he gave her the part, and MGM was willing to release her from her contract as a chorus girl. Filming lasted six months, which was long for films made in the early s.

Hughes urged Hawks to make the film as visually exciting as possible by adding car chases, crashes, and machine-gun fire. Filming took three months with the cast and crew working seven days a week.

For the most violent scene of the film in the restaurant, Hawks cleared the set to avoid harming extras and had the set fired on by machine guns.

The actors acted out the scene in front of a screen with the shooting projected in the back, so as everyone crowded under the tables in the restaurant, the room appeared to be simultaneously under fire.

During filming, Hawks and Hughes met with the Hays Office to discuss revisions. Despite that, Scarface was filmed and put together quickly.

In September , a rough cut of the film was screened for the California Crime Commission and police officials, neither of whom thought the movie was a dangerous influence for audiences or would elicit a criminal response.

Irving Thalberg was given an advanced screening and was impressed by the film. Despite the positive feedback the film was given, the Hays Office was insistent on changes before final approval.

Scarface was produced and filmed during Pre-Code era of Hollywood , which spanned from to The Pre-Code era is characterized by its informal and haphazard screening and regulation of film content, before the establishment of the Production Code Administration PCA in July Smyth called Scarface , "one of the most highly censored films in Hollywood history.

According to the Hays Office, Scarface violated the Code, because the film elicited sympathy for Muni's character and it revealed to youth a successful method of crime.

They believed Tony's death at the end of the film was too glorifying. In addition to the violence, the MPPDA felt an inappropriate relationship between the main character and his sister was too overt, especially when he holds her in his arms after he slaps her and tears her dress; they ordered this scene be deleted.

Hughes, in order to receive the MPPDA's approval, deleted the more violent scenes, added a prologue to condemn gangsterism, and wrote a new ending.

In addition, a couple scenes were added to overtly condemn gangsterism, such as a scene in which a newspaper publisher looks at the screen and directly admonishes the government and the public for their lack of action in fighting against mob violence and a scene in which the chief detective denounces the glorification of gangsters.

They were directed by Richard Rossen, earning Rossen the title of "co-director". In the scene where Tony kills Rinaldo, Cesca says the word "murderer", but she can be seen mouthing the word "Scarface".

The original script had Tony's mother loving her son unconditionally, praising his lifestyle, and even accepting money and gifts from him.

In addition, there was a politician who, despite campaigning against gangsters on the podium, is shown partying with them after hours.

The script ends with Tony staying in the building, unaffected by tear gas and a multitude of bullets fired at him. After the building is on fire, Tony is forced to exit, guns blazing.

He is sprayed with police gunfire but appears unfazed. Upon noticing the police officer who had been arresting him throughout the film, he fires at him, only to hear a single "click" noise implying his gun is empty.

He is killed after the police officer shoots him several times. A repeated clicking noise is heard on the soundtrack implying he was attempting to fire while he was dying.

The first version of the film Version A was completed on September 8, , but censors required the ending be modified or they would refuse to grant Scarface a license.

Paul Muni was unable to re-film the ending in due to his work on Broadway. Consequently, Hawks was forced to use a body double.

The body double was mainly filmed by way of shadows and long shots in order to mask Muni's absence in these scenes. Unlike the original ending where Tony tries to escape from the police and dies after being shot several times, in the alternate ending, Tony reluctantly hands himself over to the police.

After the encounter, Tony's face is not shown. A scene follows where a judge is addressing Tony during sentencing. The next scene is the finale, in which Tony seen from a bird's eye view is brought to the gallows and hanged.

Howard Hughes felt the Hays office had suspicious intentions in rejecting the film because Hays was friends with Louis B.

Mayer and Hughes believed censorship was to prevent wealthy independent competitors from producing films.

Confident his film could stand out among audiences more than Mayer's films, Hughes organized a press showing of the film in Hollywood and New York. Plot Summary.

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Alternate Versions. Rate This. An ambitious and nearly insane violent gangster climbs the ladder of success in the mob, but his weaknesses prove to be his downfall.

Directors: Howard Hawks , Richard Rosson co-director. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. High School Icons, Then and Now.

Ranking Pre Movies. Top 25 Movies of the 's. Les films de gangsters. Share this Rating Title: Scarface 7.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: Paul Muni Tony Camonte Ann Dvorak Cesca Camonte Karen Morley Poppy Osgood Perkins Johnny Lovo C.

Henry Gordon Police Inspector Guarino George Raft Guino Rinaldo Vince Barnett Angelo Boris Karloff Tom Gaffney Purnell Pratt Garston - Publisher Tully Marshall Managing Editor Inez Palange Tony's Mother Edwin Maxwell Edit Storyline Johnny Lovo rises to the head of the bootlegging crime syndicate on the south side of Chicago following the murder of former head, Big Louis Costillo.

Sep 30, Al Pacino as Tony Montana. Steven Bauer as Manny Ribera. Michelle Pfeiffer as Elvira Hancock. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Gina Montana.

Robert Loggia as Frank Lopez. Miriam Colon as Mama Montana. Murray Abraham as Omar. Paul Shenar as Alejandro Sosa. Harris Yulin as Bernstein.

Angel Salazar as Chi Chi. Arnaldo Santana as Ernie. Pepe Serna as Angel. Michael P. Moran as Nick The Pig. Al Israel as Hector The Toad.

Dennis Holahan as Banker. Mark Margolis as Shadow. Michael Alldredge as Sheffield. Ted Beniades as Seidelbaum. Richard Belzer as M.

Paul Espel as Luis. Arnaldo Salazar as Ernie. John Brandon as Immigration Officer. Tony Perez as Immigration Officer. Garnett Smith as Immigration Officer.

Loren Almaguer as Dr. Gil Barreto as Cuban Refugee. Heather Benna as Gutierrez Child. Dawnell Bowers as Miriam. Tina Leigh Cameron as Saleslady.

Victor Campos as Ronnie Echevierra. Robert Hammer Cannerday as Marielito. Rene Carrasco as Shooter. Gary Carlos Cervantes as Shooter.

Gregory Cruz as Shooter. Albert Carrier as Pedro Quinn. John Carter as Vic Phillips. Richard Caselnova as Driver. Carlos Cestero as Matos.

John Contardo as Miguel Echevierra. Roberto Contreras as Rebenga. Caesar Cordova as Cook. Dante D'Andre as Gen.

Richard Delmonte as Fernando. Wayne Doba as Octavio the Clown. Manuel Padilla as Kid 2. Ben Frommer as Male Patron.

Edward R. Frommer as Taco Stand Customer. John Gamble as Helicopter Pilot. Angela Aames as Woman at Babylon Club. Troy Isaacs as Cuban Refugee.

Cynthia Burr as Woman at Babylon Club. Lana Clarkson as Woman at Babylon Club. Ronald G. Joseph as Car Salesman.

Ava Lazar as Woman at Babylon Club. Mario Machado as Interviewer. Emilia Crow as Woman at Babylon Club. Ray Martel as Nacho's Bodyguard. Marii Mak as Woman at Babylon Club.

John McCann as Bank Spokesman. Pat Simmons as Woman at Babylon Club. Richard Mendez as Gina's Killer. Terri Taylor as Woman at Babylon Club. Victor Millan as Ariel Bleyer.

Katt Shea as Woman at Babylon Club. Santos Morales as Waldo. Mike Moroff as Gaspar's Bodyguard. Gil Baretto as Cuban Refugee.

Angela Nisi as Gutierrez Child. Arnold Tafolla as 1st Kid. Manuel Padilla Jr. Tony Pann as Driver. Ilka Payan as Mrs. Barbra Perez as Marta.

Michael Rougas as Monsignor. Anthony Saenz as Cuban Refugee. Jim Towers as Cuban Refugee. Geno Silva as The Skull.

Charles Tamburro as Helicopter Pilot. Bob Yanez as Cuban Man. December 3, Full Review…. July 30, Full Review….

February 23, Full Review…. October 27, Rating: 4. March 24, Full Review…. July 29, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews May 02, Probably the best thing de Palma has done.

It has carried over his Westfalia Gewinnspiel work and has made Loggia one of Casino 300 Bonus must durable Jumping Beans actors. Retrieved December 7, Pacino became interested in a remake of the version after seeing it, and Tripeaks Kostenlos and producer Martin Bregman began to develop it. In addition, there was a politician who, despite campaigning against gangsters Stargamesaffiliate the Karte Igre, is shown partying with them after hours. The theme of excessiveness is further exemplified by Tony's incestuous desires for his sister, Cesca, whom he attempts to control and restrict. Gil Barreto as Cuban Refugee. Scarface


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